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Introducing APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional

APICS brings you the first comprehensive educational program designed for operations and supply chain management professionals, the Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP). The CSCP program was launched at the 2005 APICS International Conference and Exposition in Kansas City, Missouri.

This new program will provide in-depth knowledge and understanding in the areas of supplier and customer relations, international trade, the use of information technology, and physical logistics. It will prepare individuals to effectively and efficiently manage the integration and coordination of activities within today's complex supply chains to meet customer needs, reduce costs, and increase profits.


By earning your CSCP designation, you will

  • Learn to boost productivity, collaboration, and innovation
  • Discover how to positively affect lead times, inventory, productivity, and bottom-line profitability
  • Gain the knowledge to effectively and efficiently manage worldwide supply chain activities
  • Achieve greater confidence and peer and industry recognition
  • Enjoy the potential for career advancement and increased earnings.


To earn the CSCP designation, an individual must pass one, four-hour comprehensive exam. The exam will consist of 175 multiple-choice questions and will be delivered via paper-and-pencil administrations beginning in 2006. The 2006 exam administrations are scheduled for March (pilot exam), June, and December.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming e-mail regarding the March 2006 exam administration, including information on deadlines, application and registration processes, and special pricing!


To help prepare candidates for the CSCP exam, APICS has created the CSCP Learning System based on the CSCP body of knowledge. The learning system is a comprehensive course that combines print materials with interactive online components to deliver a customized learning experience.

MODULE 1 Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
Understand how successful supply chain management adds value to an organization
Learn how to develop a supply chain strategy that aligns with corporate strategy

MODULE 2 Building Competitive Operations Planning and Logistics
Understand natural dynamics within the supply chain to optimize performance and profitability
Evaluate the process constraints and choices within global logistics to establish a plan linked to overall strategy

MODULE 3 Managing Customer and Supplier Relationships
Effectively use customer data to improve service performance and increase value to suppliers and customers
Understand the strategic importance of purchasing and supplier relationships

MODULE 4 Using Information Technology to Enable Supply Chain Management
Understand the innovative technologies enabling collaborative commerce and global visibility
Apply technology to enhance performance of distribution, reverse logistics, and global supply chain communications


View excerpts of the print materials and experience the online tools by trying the practice tests, viewing sample reports, and checking out other software features to see exactly how they work.


Now through November 18, 2005, APICS is offering the CSCP Learning System at a pre-release discount. The CSCP Learning System, which is scheduled to ship in the first week of December, is a complete package and contains everything needed to prepare for the CSCP exam.

Visit the CSCP Web site to find out the latest details on the CSCP program.

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