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APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional FAQS

1. What is the CSCP certification?

On March 8, 2005, APICS announced the creation of a new industry
certification to specifically meet the rapidly changing educational
needs in the field of supply chain management. The Certified Supply
Chain Professional (CSCP) designation is being designed for
professionals interested in increasing their knowledge of supply chain
management, those currently working in the field of supply chain
management, and for those individuals working with enterprise resources
planning systems.

2. Why is APICS developing a CSCP certification?

Through extensive market research, APICS uncovered a major gap in
professional certifications specifically addressing the educational
needs of professionals working in the field of supply chain management.
APICS has the body of knowledge, the subject matter experts, the
infrastructure, and holds the leadership position to develop and market
the CSCP certification. With the addition of the CSCP designation, APICS
enhances its validation of the disciplines within operations management,
specifically production, inventory, enterprise, and now supply chain

3. When will the new CSCP designation program be available?

The CSCP learning system will be launched at the 2005 APICS
International Conference and Exposition, October 16-18, in New Orleans,
Louisiana. Demonstrations of the courses will be held and course
materials will be available for sale. Instructor materials are scheduled
for sale in the first quarter of 2006.

4. How will the CSCP course be delivered?

The CSCP learning system will consist of a blended learning approach
incorporating self-directed study courses, Web-based learning, and
classroom instructor-led courses offered through the APICS network of
local chapters throughout North America and through the APICS
International Associates, as well as through colleges, universities, and

5. When will testing begin?

We anticipate that computer-based testing will begin in the first
quarter of 2006. We may offer paper and pencil testing, but that is yet
to be determined. The test vendor is yet to be determined as well.

6. Why didn't the APICS volunteers know that the association was
contemplating developing a new certification? Why the sudden
announcement of such a major new initiative?

Simply stated, APICS needed to protect its intellectual property. The
supply chain management field is highly competitive. APICS needed to
conduct its due diligence on the market viability of this certification
and verify that the trademark was available before it could make any
type of public announcement. We could not risk either another
not-for-profit or for-profit corporation beating us to the market with a
supply chain certification.

7. Will APICS conduct a call for subject matter experts or seek chapters
to beta test the courses?

APICS has retained the Holmes Corporation, a company that specializes in
the design, marketing, and distribution of educational products for
association certification programs, to develop the CSCP learning system.
At this point, we are in the very early stages of development. Subject
matter experts will definitely be recruited to work on this project. How
many and the extent of what we need is yet to be determined as well as
how the beta testing of the final product will be handled.

8. What about APICS' current certifications-CPIM and CIRM?

Candidates in both the CPIM and CIRM programs should definitely continue
to pursue their certifications. The three certifications are different
and concentrate on specific disciplines within operations management.
There will continue to be an important market, especially for the CPIM
designation. According to the Holmes Corporation, one of the primary
drivers of any voluntary certification program is increased earnings for
individuals or increased profits for corporations. Designations which
directly assist individuals in securing employment or increasing their
earnings potential or which directly help corporations increase revenues
or decrease costs are "need-to-know" designations. Holmes considers the
CPIM program a need-to-know designation.

9. Will the current CPIM Basics of Supply Chain Management module be a
pre-requisite or be a part of the new CSCP program?

The APICS CPIM Basics of Supply Chain Management module will continue to
be a part of the CPIM certification program. The Basics course will not
be a pre-requisite course for the new CSCP program. The APICS CPIM
program is a completely separate and distinct program from the new CSCP

10. How many exams will we have to take in order to complete the certification?

Just one. It will be one large exam, not a series of exams.

11. Will there be student guidebooks and reference material available?

There will be student guidebooks that will include reference material, rather than a bibliography or a "go read this."

12. How can I find out more about the CSCP program?

APICS will continue to provide updates and greater detail on the CSCP
program as it is developed.

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